Monday, May 7, 2012

Red Salsa, How to make salse de Chile de Arbol for Party!

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                                              3 Cups Chile de Arbol
                  4 Roma Tomatoes,5 small garlic cloves,
                            1/2 small white onion
                             Boil the chiles for 15 minutes

                                    Meanwhile cut the tomatoes in halves
                              Season with salt and pepper

   After the Chiles boil pour about 2 cups of the juice into the 
 blender then pour cold water and take the stems off the chiles

                  Then pour the chiles into the blender this 
              photo includes the 2 cups of the original juice

                                         Ready to blend
                                     Awesome salsa for dipping Chips!

          If you want it less spicy.....add more                   tomatoes.....Enjoy!


  1. This looks real easy and delicious. I'll try it!!! Thanks Elie ;-)

    1. Let me know when you try it...My friend from Work tasted it and wanted the recipe so I blogged it!!! Enjoy... =0)