Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chocolate Apple Slices Covered with Hersheys Chocolate and Sprinkles/ Manzanas de chocolate!!!

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I used two apples for 4 Apple pops!!!!!
One side for one Pop, the other side for Pop 2

I used 3 Regular Hershey's Chocolate bars

Melted them in the Microwave/10 sec. intervals, until melted

I used Forks to hold the Apple Pops, worked for ME!!!

Sprinkled away...Bought Sprinkles at the 99 cent Store


So easy for kids to be little Chefs!

Great Helper!


I finally got around to doing these apple pops I seen on Pinterest...Thank you RosaRot...I did see them in many other sights toooooo-.....   =0)

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