Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gift Idea Money In a BOX/ Regalo en una Caja de Kleenex


Money in a BOX 
Un regalo para diferente ocasiones

All you need is an empty Kleenex box.
Una caje de kleenex vacia

Wrap the box... Tape all the money together with tape... after it is wrapped and money inside.. I used my Xacto knife... eyeballed  where the slit is and cut! Pulled the dollar out...I taped 11 ones, 3 Fives, and 1 Twenty...When the Birthday girl or boy or whoever is ready to start pulling it is funny to see them pull out all this money!!!!!

I used photo paper because it is thicker and wrote a  message using Word Pad...also at the end I wrote Ps Don't spend it all in one place!

Finally got to make this for a special person...Thanks to the Idea I seen on Pinterest...LOVEZILLA!!  After researching it...The idea is in many places on the internet and I did some changes!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chocolate Apple Slices Covered with Hersheys Chocolate and Sprinkles/ Manzanas de chocolate!!!

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I used two apples for 4 Apple pops!!!!!
One side for one Pop, the other side for Pop 2

I used 3 Regular Hershey's Chocolate bars

Melted them in the Microwave/10 sec. intervals, until melted

I used Forks to hold the Apple Pops, worked for ME!!!

Sprinkled away...Bought Sprinkles at the 99 cent Store


So easy for kids to be little Chefs!

Great Helper!


I finally got around to doing these apple pops I seen on Pinterest...Thank you RosaRot...I did see them in many other sights toooooo-.....   =0)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crayon Monogram, Teacher's Gift- Graduation Party! Regalo para Maestra!!!


Finished Monogram!
Regalo para Maestra!!
                   Printed this on the Computer made extra copies 
                              for the practice layout!
                                   Used this practice sheet for a draft!
                  Used my Xacto knife I bought at Walmart!
                       5X7 Photo frame at the 99 cent Store
          2 boxes of Crayons  for 99 cents at the 99 cent Store

                       Low temp glue Gun!
                    My 5 year old daughter helped me with the 
                 complete project...........Total cost $2.00
We started a second one for the Teachers Aid!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Red Salsa, How to make salse de Chile de Arbol for Party!

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                                              3 Cups Chile de Arbol
                  4 Roma Tomatoes,5 small garlic cloves,
                            1/2 small white onion
                             Boil the chiles for 15 minutes

                                    Meanwhile cut the tomatoes in halves
                              Season with salt and pepper

   After the Chiles boil pour about 2 cups of the juice into the 
 blender then pour cold water and take the stems off the chiles

                  Then pour the chiles into the blender this 
              photo includes the 2 cups of the original juice

                                         Ready to blend
                                     Awesome salsa for dipping Chips!

          If you want it less spicy.....add more                   tomatoes.....Enjoy!