Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Treats!! Cupcakes, Pretzels, and Cupcake Spiders, Pretzel stick Ghost

Ghost so Simple and tooo cute!

I just use a regular baggie...and chocolate icing...

I store them in a Gallon size bag....Till the Party...I put wax paper in between

My little guy helped with these!!!

Used little marshmallows cut in half

Twizlers for the legs!!!!!!...and Mini M & M's for the eyes!

Dizzled lime green and orange on these pretzels...and used purple, black and ghost sprinkles!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monster High Toothpicks for Cupcakes!! Operetta!

MONSTER HIGH Tooth Picks for Cupcakes!!!!!


Confetti at Party City!
Printed Jacqueleen's name...JacqueleenA like Operetta!!...
I also Downloaded the clip art from Monster High Web Site

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spiderman Party at ChuckyCheese. Fiesta de el hombre araƱa!!


 Easy Party...My Son wanted a Spider-man Party at Chucky Cheese!!! Easy Party!
Bought a Spider-man balloon for every kid!!.....99 cent store!!!
 Bought the cake at Sam's Club!!!

Chucky Cheese...NO CLEAN UP!!!!!

Bought these spider-man cups at Walmart...for 87 cents!!!

 On invite I told kid's to wear Spider-man!!!!
 Spider-man Puzzle....99 cent store!
 Spider-man Toothbrush...99 cent store!!!
Spider-man sticker, slinky, ring, spider-man maze,red clip and plastic candy bags came all together at walmart!!!

 I put all the goodies including the Candy bag inside this paper brown bag that my son helped me make!!!

 Spider-man Candle!!!!
Giant coloring book at walmart for 99 cents!!


Spider-man candy at 99 cent store!