Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ideas on a Dora the Explorer Party /Fiesta de Dora!

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Bought Cake at Sam's Club!!!!

I made these with regular purple thick paper, I bought at Michael's. Make sure you cut them to what ever size envelopes you buy. I Copied a Back Pack face..made copies cut them and glued them to the invite.
Then I used Purple yarn I bought at Walmart rolled the directions and put it in the hoop..I used a low temperature glue gun to glue the yarn to the invite. Regular glue for the paper face.

Dora's Back Pack!!!
Goodie Bags!!!!!

I made these with Purple felt I bought at Michael's. Cut the Mouth, eye brows, eyes and used the wiggly eyes for the center of the white part. Also cut a white felt "MAP". I used these as goodie bags!
Bought the Dora Costume online and paid ($20) my Niece to wear it. The whole costume cost $99. Total $120 and still have the Dora costume!

                                Back Pack Centerpiece
                                 Printed these on line!!!!

Dora and the kids were having an adventure...Here they are in "PUZZLE LAND"......

                              Dora the explorer tattoo!

An activity table is awesome...I print up coloring pages, put markers on the table, blow horns, and what ever else is fun!!!

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